The Kienbaum Digital Readiness Check Light

Are you ready for the digital future?

Is your company’s capability in place and prepared to keep up with digital change?

The present online assessment addresses these questions and gives a clear picture of your individual as well as your company’s digital readiness.

You are presented with a number of questions dealing with beliefs, skills, and experiences in the field of digitalization.

Take 15-20 minutes to deep-dive in the matter of digitalization – determine the current status quo and identify future areas for development. After completing the survey you will receive a detailed report (Demo excluded) giving you more insights into your individual level of digital readiness.

Your participation is completely voluntary and can be withdrawn at any time without negative consequences. All information you submit will be treated confidentially. If you have any questions, comments, or technical issues, please feel free to reach out to

There are 21 questions in this survey.